Old Man Parks

his edition has nothing to do with meat. It has nothing to do with running a small business. It has nothing to do with my personal triumphs or tragedies. It has to do with getting old. I think I’m getting old. Here's what happened… Last Monday, I...

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The Bogged Down Blog

veryone gets stuck. Authors get writer's block. We all procrastinate to some degree or another. Usually, it's some mundane task that will never sound like a good idea. Nobody ever woke up and said "Man, what a beautiful day it is. I think I'll go...

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The Grill Next Door

For many folks, grilling is symbolic with the great weather of spring and summer, and they just don't use their grills in the cold months. I have never really understood this. Why sacrifice that incredible char and flavor that only a grill can provide just because...

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Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em!

Sunday was quite a day. It started at 4:30am as I was getting ready to smoke 100 pounds of pork for the Community Market Earth Day Celebration. It was an exhausting day, and only moderately successful as far as slider sales went. But, it was majorly successful on...

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The Impulse Buy

I was sitting on the couch a couple weeks ago on a Saturday night. Laura and I were watching a show and having a couple drinks. A commercial came on for the upcoming James Taylor concert in Concord on June 3rd and I launched the iPad. After about 20 minutes of looking...

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Close Talkers

I don’t like crowds. Let me be more specific, I don’t like to be jammed shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of people. It’s a personal space issue for me and probably a character flaw, but I will take the stairs or wait for the next one if an elevator is full. I will...

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