Custom Box Setup Instructions

Here is everything you need to know to set up your new Vic Farms Custom Box!

1.   A couple of things to get you off on the right foot… Make sure you are signed into your account and that your cart is empty. Then head to the Vic Farms Meat Boxes page!

2.  Scroll down to the Order Now! box and Build the Box just the way you want it. You will notice that the box total will change as you change your settings. Once you have your settings locked in, click Subscribe.

3.  You should now be in your shopping cart and see your subscription as the only item in the cart. Scroll to the bottom and pick your shipping method. If you are picking up at the butcher shop select Pickup Yourself. If you live in the greater Bay Area and would like us to deliver your box, select Home Delivery. If you live outside our delivery Zones, select Overnight Shipping. Now click Proceed to Checkout.

4. Make sure all your billing details are correct on the left side. On the right side, select your Pickup location or Delivery Zone and the date you would like your first box to arrive. Please note that if you select Overnight Shipping you will only select the date you want your first box shipped. All overnight orders go out on Tuesdays.

5.  At this point you should see a total of $25 in your cart (unless you have one of our super cool coupon codes that we offer from time to time!). This is the administrative fee to get your account all set up. And since you bothered to read this far and are following these directions so well, click back one page and enter saveonsetup into the box next to Apply Coupon! Ok, now click Apply Coupon and then Proceed to Checkout. Nice, right???

6. Now all that’s left is to Place Order. If everything went well you should now see “Thank you. Your order has been received.” along with your order number, date and total at the top of the page.

7.  You’re about done just a few more steps! At the top of your screen, click on My Account. You should now see Subscription and your plan details in the middle of the page. Just below that you will see your upcoming pickup dates and a black Place Order button next to each one. DON”T CLICK IT YET! (if you don’t see this, something has gone awry. Retrace your steps and if you can’t figure it out, call Adam at 707-332-4605)

8. Scroll back up to the top of your dashboard. On the left you will see a series of links. The 3rd one down is Default Order. Check out Custom Box FAQ’s #5 if you don’t know about the magic Default Order. Since you do, click Default Order and then click Shop Default Order button. Now fill your cart with items you are happy to receive in the impossible to imagine circumstance of you forgetting to place your custom order before the deadline (it’s 7 days, read the FAQ’s!). Once your cart is the way you want it, scroll to the bottom and click Set Default Order (don’t click Proceed to Checkout, all hell breaks loose. just kidding, just go back and click the right button). You will get a little pop up that says your order has been saved and you should be back on your dashboard. You can always check the contents of your default order by clicking the link on the left side again. Now you will see the button and a list of your default items.

9. Now you are all set up. You can place your first order by clicking Place Order next to that date. For that matter, you can place orders as far in advance as you like!

We hope this has made ordering your Vic Farms Custom Box pretty easy. If you have any feed back, please email Thanks!