Just One Guy

'm just one guy in this big 'ol world. How much can I really affect things?". This is a question I have pondered a lot in the past several months. I promised a while back that this blog would not become a referendum on alcohol or a dreary series...

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Of Meat & Romance: Tips to help you cook the perfect meal

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday to me. I would like to say something syrupy like “every day is Valentine’s Day for us” but it wouldn’t be true and nobody would believe me anyway. Fact is, we have our ups and downs just like every other couple. After 20 plus years...

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Disneyland Delight!

he holidays have come and gone and now it is time to get back to the real world, whatever that is. The Parks Family had a great vacation to Disneyland. It is our definitely our “happy place”. Laura and I always try to think up new and exciting...

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Holiday Helper

his time of year is filled with good feelings...it is great to have family visiting and the kids out of school and home for the holidays. That said, the holidays present a unique set of challenges for all of us. They seem to be totally...

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Holiday Hysteria, Indeed!

oliday Hysteria…Everyone suffers from this malady to some extent. Worrying about things like who to invite for the big holiday meal? Who sits where? What do I give my boss for Christmas? Should I stand in line for three days to make sure my kid...

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Twister Hill Ranch: The Green Grass of August?

ast week Laura and I took a field trip with our new photographer, Kimberly Pritchert of Pasture Raised Photography. We went out to Twister Hill Ranch in Tomales to visit a good family friend, Bruce McGlochlin. When I first met Bruce, he was Mr....

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