Parks Family Vacation… Part 1

n the midst of all this change, it was time for our annual family vacation. I really can’t make this stuff up. Two key employees are on their way out and two brand new employees were left to man the mother ship. Russell and Diana did an amazing job...

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Valentine’s Day Shenanigans!

alentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday. I love Laura to the moon and back, and I try to make sure she knows that every day. I just don’t like the idea of a “forced” romantic day. But this year, I made a conscious effort to plan something for us...

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Farming Can Be Brutal

arming can be brutal. I don’t bring this up as a complaint, but I hear all the time from my faithful meatheads that the stories of our reality are the ones they remember most. This one is a bit gritty, but I think really necessary for anyone who...

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Wanna Clean House? Throw A Party!

ot sure where I heard it but a wise man once said if you really wanna clean your house… throw a party! So a few weeks back Laura, the kids and I were talking about the Super Bowl and decided we would throw a family-style Super Bowl Party. It's...

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Sustainability: Two Sides to Every Coin

Now that the new year is in full swing, it is time to get the creative juices flowing. I got away from writing for a while, as there were too many other things taking up my limited brain power. I found it interesting that I could miss it and have a major case of...

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Local New Zealand Beef??

K... Let's get into it! The issue at hand is Victorian Farmstead Meat Company carrying beef raised in New Zealand. Offhand, this seems insane to me. I mean, we built this company on the premise that we would either raise or source the highest...

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