Organic White Broad Breasted Turkey $7.75/lb (Reservation)


** Dec 5th Update**

Please note that all available turkeys are frozen, please be sure to allow time to thaw. If you order them spatchcocked or cut up, we will pull them from the freezer to thaw in order to do that. That means your pick up date should be within a couple days of when you plan to cook it.

White Turkeys are known for their milder flavor and larger breast. All our turkeys are raised by Pittman Family Farm in California and are fed a Non-GMO Certified feed.

When placing your order, we will collect a $50 deposit per bird. The balance due for your bird will be collected at the time your order is processed.

The price per pound is $7.75

Available Size Options

Small (8 – 12 lbs.)

Medium (13 – 16 lbs.)

Extra Large (20 – 23 lbs.)

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