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Happy Thanksgiving! We are proud to feature Heritage and Broad Breasted White turkeys raised by BN Ranch.

Our turkeys are always:

  • Raised free-range with unrestricted access to the outdoors.
  • No GMOs. No antibiotics. No hormones.
  • Fed on slow-growth vegetarian feed.
  • Raised humanely in ways that support natural behavior.
  • Raised sustainably, with low impact on the land and environment.

We offer two types of turkeys: Heritage and Broad Breasted White. Heritage turkeys are known for their rich flavor, exceptional dark meat and having a smaller breast than conventional turkeys. Broad Breasted White turkeys feature a larger breast and have a milder flavor. All of our turkeys come from a mixed stock of heritage breeds, including White Holland, Narragansett, Spanish Black, Bourbon Red and Standard Bronze. At six weeks of age, the birds are allowed unrestricted access to the great outdoors. They are fed a special ration formulated specifically for BN turkeys. Always free of GMOs, antibiotics and hormones, corn is replaced by wheat and soy is minimized through the use of safflower or sunflower meal. Read more about the difference between our turkeys here.

Our turkeys sell out fast, so be sure to reserve yours soon.

Pick up locations throughout the Bay Area. Home Delivery in Marin & Sonoma Counties $10.00.

White Broad Breasted Turkey $7.50/lb

Heritage Turkey $9.50/lb

Pickup locations

Community Market Sebastopol: Nov 17th – 22nd 10am–7pm
El Ceritto Farmers Market: Nov 18th 9am-1pm
Saratoga Farmers Market: Nov 18th 9am-1pm
Moraga Farmers Market: Nov 19th 9am-1pm
Kensington Farmers Market: Nov 19th 10am-2pm
Sonoma Valley Farmers Market: Nov 21st 9am-12:30pm
Daly City Farmers Market: Nov 22nd 9am-12:30pm
Portola Valley Farmers Market: Nov 22nd 2pm-5pm

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Like most people, we used to purchase our turkeys every year from one of the major supermarkets. Every year, it was hit or miss. Sometimes the turkeys were moist and tasted OK. Others…. well let’s just say we ate a lot of mashed potatoes those years.

I met Adam at a farmers market years ago and started buying our all our
meats from him. I also ordered our Thanksgiving turkey that first year and
talk about a difference! The turkey was amazing. It was moist and flavorful like I’d never tasted before. A 20+lb bird disappeared that night; there were no leftovers for the 1st
time ever. I told several friends how good the turkey was and the next year all of them
gave it a shot; they weren’t disappointed.

Now, years later, each of them gets their turkey from Victorian Farmstead Meat
Co. and we’ve started a new tradition; an awesome turkey every year. My entire family always looks forward to another amazing turkey and we’re never disappointed.

The Regan Family

Turkey That Tastes Like Turkey!

When we started Victorian Farmstead back in 2009, one of our main goals was to showcase how good meat raised the right way tastes. Seems simple enough, right??? It is surly simple enough (although pretty labor intensive) to do, yet conveying that message to the general public presented all kinds of challenges. One of the ways we did it was by raising everything ourselves, as organically as possible, including turkeys. At least if we raised everything ourselves, our customers would be certain they were getting “the real deal.” We had all kinds of folks come out to the farm and see how we did things, and we were proud to show them.

As the business grew, we quickly realized that we were going to not only outgrow our small farm, but it was in the business’ best interest that we choose between being farmers or purveyors; there just weren’t enough hours in the day to do both. Luckily for us, I grew up on a large ranch in Tomales. I have a great network of ranchers happy to raise animals, while someone else handles the sales and marketing end of things.

One of the big deals in this early transition was making sure that all our ranchers maintained our standards for how we raised our animals. This was actually pretty easy as most of our parents and grandparents raised animals the right way. What does this mean to our customers?

It means all our animals are raised with unrestricted access to the outdoors, almost always on pasture. It means no growth hormones or prophylactic antibiotics, EVER. It means non-GMO feed for the critters that get fed grains. It means the animals grow at a natural rate, rather than the super-accelerated rate of a CAFO-style industrial farm. As my wife says, “All our animals, whether we raise them or they are raised for us, have one bad day.” Other than that we know they live a pretty good life.

There is no better example of this than our partnership with BN Ranch. After raising turkeys ourselves for a few years it became clear that we needed to find a partner to raise turkeys for us. We had been buying beef and lamb from Bill Niman for a few years and trusted his practices implicitly. It was a natural fit and we made the leap. What a blessing!

Bill takes his stewardship of both the land and the animals as seriously as anyone we work with. When you visit BN Ranch’s turkey operation you find spacious barns, and more spacious outdoor areas. The barns are clean and well ventilated, and the turkeys have the freedom to come and go as they please. They are fed slow growth, non-GMO certified feed. The feed is specially milled just for BN Ranch and is designed to let the turkeys grow at a rate that allows them to be active and make use of all that outdoor space they have.

All that is great, but as a consumer, there is one thing that matters most of all. Taste! It does no good to raise a turkey in the best way possible if it doesn’t taste amazing. We can assure you that our BN Ranch turkeys are as good as it gets. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonials from some longtime customers and then try one for your family’s Thanksgiving table!

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